Installing php5

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Installing php5

Post by shade » 03 Mar 2007, 11:52


I've been using php5 for apache on windows for quite some time. Since I'm pretty new to linux I haven’t figured out how to install php5 on bubba. I've tried a few "apt-get" commands that I've found when searching for some examples on google, without any success.

e.g. When I try

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sudo apt-get install libapache2-php5
I get

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E: Couldn't find package libapache2-php5
Does anyone know what package to use instead of this, to install php5. If this is possible, is it also possible to keep php4 as an alternative when writing scripts.

Thanks! :D

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Post by tor » 04 Mar 2007, 15:33

Hi shade,

Unfortunately installing php5 is not that easy on Bubba. This due to dependencies on some already installed packages. Mainly the Bubba package and the webmail application.

That said, it isn't undoable only a bit tricky. (This tip must however be considered a bit advanced.) What you could do to not break other packages is to install php5-cgi that will run php as a cgi-script.

You can find php5 at backports, there should be instructions on how to use it.

What you want to do is to install php5-cgi and then add a handler in the apache configuration to execute files with the suffix .php5 with this installation.

An improvement to this should of course be to use php5 as a fastcgi instead.

A guide to do it the other way around can be found here: this however can't be used on Bubba since we depend on having php4 as a module.

I hope that this at least can be a starter for getting php5 up and running on Bubba.

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Post by bjorn » 05 Mar 2007, 02:53


Just a sidenote: The package isn't called libapache2-php5.
It's called "libapache2-mod-php5".

I'd recommend using "apt cache search <whatever>" to find packages that are installable.

I've been running php5 both as module and as cgi on my bubba, both works pretty good. Although i'm not using the webinterface nor the webmail so i really can't tell if that'll work after installation...


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update php4 dependencies

Post by nb000 » 02 Jun 2008, 05:25


This post is mainly addressed to bubba developers.
Please update all packages of bubba that work only with PHP4,
so that they can also use PHP5.
I think PHP5 should be the default php for BUBBA,
since PHP4 is outdated.
Would it be so much work to do this?
What packages are depending on PHP4?
What functionality would break if I remove php4 and install php5?

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Re: update php4 dependencies

Post by DanielM » 02 Jun 2008, 09:56

nb000 wrote:What functionality would break if I remove php4 and install php5?
Just for the record, php5 is the default on Etch, so this will solve the question once Etch is the default version distributed with Bubba...