Upgrade to 0.50.1

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Upgrade to 0.50.1

Post by Clive » 08 Aug 2007, 08:04

Great ! Been looking forward to this !

Unfortuentely since I was using Bubbalibres interface, the interface is now messed up. Can you tell be where I can get a complete and correct set of files and stylesheets etc for the web-admin directory ??I will try using the official Excito interface from now on if it allows me to upload torrents from a directory.

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Post by bubbalibre » 08 Aug 2007, 08:43

Hi Clive,

Try emptying your browser's cache and it should be fine.

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Post by tor » 08 Aug 2007, 09:02

The upgrade will most likely not replace the css file. So that has to be copied in manually. Other than that should the upgrade have replaced the rest. (And empty your cache as bubbalibre says.)

You can always extract the contents of a package on the commandline.

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mkdir tmpdir
cd tmpdir
dpkg -X /var/cache/apt/archives/bubba_0.50.1-1_arm.deb .
cp usr/share/web-admin/bubba.css /usr/share/web-admin/bubba.css
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Post by Clive » 08 Aug 2007, 09:18

Ahh yes, just discovered that, working fine now !

Is the userguide updated ? I cannot figure out how to download from directory...

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Post by Clive » 08 Aug 2007, 09:34

I see...... it automatically detects when a new torrent file appears in the torrent directory and starts the download. Very nifty !