HOWTO change bubba's name

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Terry Browning
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HOWTO change bubba's name

Post by Terry Browning » 04 Jun 2007, 16:06

So now my bubba goes by the name of igor. This is how:

First, get a command line on bubba (e.g. ssh)
$ sudo bash
# echo igor > /etc/hostname
# hostname igor
# vim /etc/hosts
or choose another editor, and change the bubba entries to igor, then
# vim /etc/mailname
same story again and again
# vim /etc/dhclient.conf
# vim /etc/postfix/
# postfix reload
You may need to make more extensive changes to postfix, depending on your configuration.

To see if any further files need changing (none on my bubba),
# grep bubba /etc
# grep bubba /etc/postfix

Log off, log on, and your prompt should be username@igor:~$

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Post by Cheeseboy » 05 Jun 2007, 02:38

Oh, thanks!.

I'll be considering this (perhaps not igor), but I'm a chicken. Let me know when you have had it running for a while without problems :-)



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Post by tor » 05 Jun 2007, 03:04

A comment,

If you do run the web-admin ui for Bubba, you can change the name of Bubba simply by logging in as admin and change the hostname under Settings->Network Settings->Hostname

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